The Charlie Parker Celebration is presented by KC Jazz Alive. The mission of KC Jazz Alive is to build awareness, serve as a listening body, provide a platform for integrating ideas, function as a voice, provide exposure to resources, and unite the Kansas City jazz community. To learn more about KC Jazz Alive, visit

Board of Directors

Jon McGraw, President
Greg Carroll, Vice President
Steve Hargrave, Treasurer 
Pam Hider-Johnson, Secretary
John Nobles, Board Member


Elliot Taylor, Administrative Manager
Macy Layne, Communications Consultant



Chris Mees,  B Natural Inc.   |  Programming 

Ivy Newman, Viney Group  |  Marketing

Soli Printing 


Folly Theater

Ironwoods Park 

American Jazz Museum

Green Lady Lounge

The Ambassador Hotel

The Ship

Nerman Museum

Bruce R. Watkins Center 

Brick House

Blue Room

The  Phoenix

Mutual Musicians Foundation

Theis Park

Centennial Church

Lincoln Cemetary

Black Dolphin


The Majestic